David M. Root. No matter if I am walking on the street, riding as a passenger on a train, or just simply lying in bed, I experience life through a camera lens – always ready to capture a photo at any given moment. People frequently ask me “what camera do you use?” They focus so much on the belief that the physical camera is the largest factor in capturing that special and/or prized photo. I disagree. It is truly in the eye of the photographer, which involves knowing how to view a subject in the right way to capture the right image. I prefer the simplest of cameras; My $2 plastic Diana or my Kodak Brownie or, as of late, just my iPhone.  I like to be in a position to point and shoot… capturing a photo at that precise moment. Sure, I can break out the tripod and the Linhof 4×5 view camera that I was taught to use in the studio during my schooling. I can even choose the new Leica I just got as a gift. Yes, the photos will be very crisp, sharp and technically sound, but it is just not for me. Throughout life, whether at school or at home, I was instructed on almost everything. The message was always…”you need to do this” or “say it this way” etc. But my instincts tell me no. I see it this way and want it another way. It is just the way I am. I view things in a different light. I want my photos to have a special feel and appeal, even when they are out of focus or if the color is somewhat out of balance. My photography allows me to offer a different vantage point, leaving the viewer in a position to reach deeper for the true meaning of the work and thus feel my sincere passion and love for photography…alternative photography.